Trap the Bug

probably the most popular pests traps in the world
New Wasp & Fly Trap - image
Safe for pollinators (bees, bumblebees)

what makes our traps stand out

Alternating matte and glossy surfaces are very attractive to insects such as wasp and flies.

Black ring OPEN – CLOSE system allows you to protect yourself from insects inside.

New Wasp&Fly open-close system

You can set up the trap as you like. Place it on a flat surface or hang it in one of two ways.

An example of the arrangement of Wasp&Fly Trap around a single-family house

available sets contains

trap + 400 ml bait refill

product carton
outer carton (6x product carton)

400 & 200 ml bait refill

outer carton

bottle in product carton 6x bottle in product carton

available lure volume


200 ml bottle
400 ml bottle
1 L bottle
5 L container
200 L barrel
1000 L IBC container

Trap The Bug - products

Marketing sales support

Trap The Bug - products

Apart from its thoroughly tested products, ICB Pharma also offers its Contractors and Distributors full marketing support in the preparation of products for promotion and sale. Thanks to the combined forces of our Marketing and Graphic Design Departments, we create promotional materials consistent with the chosen marketing strategy and the implemented sales activities. In our studios, we create

  • packagings
  • posters
  • websites
  • product visualizations
  • animations and videos

as well as all materials necessary for promotion and effective sale.

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